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Mass Email Blast Marketing

digital direct mailMass email blast marketing, or as I like to call it "Digital Direct Mail", may have a bad taste in your mouth when you think of all that SPAM you get from who knows what country, but there are some very good reasons you won't want to toss this option out of your marketing plan. Email marketing has come a long way in the last 10 years and you can now effectively target emails just like direct mail. Email s are also cheaper and more timely. Read on to discover more great reasons for email marketing, tips for your next emai campaign, some important facts about the email industry and some key considerations when hiting and email marketing service provider.

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art and designAt Mail King we know the importance of quality artwork and the effects it has on mailing response. Becuase of this, we provide all our clients the option of getting quality professional custom artwork completed by our team of designers. 

Quality artwork and design can make or break your direct mail campaign. Custom artwork is NOT the place to skimp on your direct mail budget. Here are 5 BIG mistakes that cost clients thou$ands of dollars when using a poor ad design.

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Mail House Services

MailBox-188x300Printing done and just need it mailed? No problem! Mail King makes your project easy. 

Mail King provides cost effective direct mail house solutions nationwide. Mail house services are great if you already have product printed and just need to get it mailed out. We offer the lowest prices in the industry, fast turn around and regal service all along the way to make your project go smooth and easy.

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accutrace logoTrack the distribution and the results of your direct mail marketing campaigns with Mail King when you setup call tracking or mail tracking. Tracking gets you the most from your mailings and puts you in the driver seat for your campaign ROI analysis. Feel confident in every dollar you spend when you setup both call and mail tracking.

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sales collateralHere at Mail King we have the capabilities of providing our clients with some of their most valuable marketing materials at a great price and with the best service. We know the importance of printed materials and we help you get your message across right. Your sales collateral says everything about who you are. Don't make the mistake of trying to tackle this task at the home office. Outsource to the pros and it will pay you big dividends. We make it easy, saving you thousands of minutes, grey hairs and ulcers (Not clinically proven)

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