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Database Mailings

Leveraging you existing customer database for a direct mail campaign may be the best idea you haven't tried. Database mailings, otherwise known as loyalty mailings can boast response rates of 5% to 10% or even more on a regular basis. That is becuase you have a prequalified audience who is already familiar with your brand. So when they get your piece in the mail it stands out and they check it out. Customers LOVE to get coupons and offers to the places they already frequent. This is pure value and builds a solid and loyal customer base thius insulating them from the competition to a large degree.


Enter Bed Bath & Beyond; the poster child for loyalty mailings. Unless you have been living under a rock you have received one of their 20% off coupons in the mail delivered via a non stop postcard marketing campaign. My wife has a huge stack of these waiting to be used up. I almost doubt (almost) that we could ever use these all up; some of them over 3 years old! They work though! Every time we go we bring a coupon and we go more often because we have them. Anytime we need something we think of that store first. Partly perhaps becuase we have a coupon and partly becuase they are top of mind because they are always mailing them to us. Enough said on that one; bottom line is that they work!

Past Customer Revitalization Mailings

Fancy words for "getting back those lost customers". You know you have them. Customers who have betrayed you with their dollar at the competitor down the street or across town. If not, then maybe they just forgot about you, how great you are, and of course your company too. Maybe they just need a little motivation, or a reminder, of who you are and what makes you great. Don't let them down send them a personal postcard or a letter to invite the back again and throw in a nice offer for good measure so they know you care. You would be surprised how many will answer that call. Even if you parted on a bad note, time heals most wounds. 

List Quality

Old names? Wrong addresses? Customers moved? Duplicate names and addresses? No problem. These issues are very common with loyalty mailings. When you do a database mailing with Mail King we will clean up your list for you at no charge. Simply email the list to us and we willll run the national change of address (NCOA) software as well as deduplicate it for you at no charge. Just one more way we provide REGAL SERVICE here at Mail King, where you are treated like a king!

So what are you waiting for? Start the process for mailing your customers, past or present, today and reap the rewards of all your hard work over years. Call me at (916) 296-0545 or click on the button below to get a quote.




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