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King's Corner

Economy Turns Up | Drives Advertising Spend

Do not get overwhelmed by the headlines in the media, look at the facts. There is much positive economic news that surrounds us! If you miss the real data then you will not respond appropriately with your advertising budget.

Some examples:

“Consumer confidence (index = 69.2) in the economy holds steady in April” says the Conference Board.  “It is well above its all time low (index = 25.3) in February 2009”.  (Source: Associated Press, 4/24/12)

  • 72% of corporate earnings reports in April beat expectations according to Yahoo Finance.  Some highlights:
  • Apple profit rises 94% (4/25/12)
  • Caterpillar profit up 29% (4/25/12)
  • Harley Davidson profit up 45% (4/25/12)
  • Disney earnings rise 21% (5/9/12)
  • Macy’s earnings spike 38% (5/9/12)

These companies all hire people and fuel the economy!

  • Auto sales “On pace to best year since 2007.  Automakers are adding overnight shifts and cutting workers vacations to meet demand.” (Source: Bloomberg, 5/10/12)
  • “Over the last twelve months, the government estimates retail sales totaled $4.3 trillion, nearly 6% more than during the twelve months ending July, 2008 when sales peaked before the credit crisis and the recession caused sales of nearly everything to fall.” (Source: New York Times, 4/24/12)
  • Consumer spending in the first quarter “increased at a 2.9% rate - the fastest pace since the fourth quarter of 2010.  That compared to a 2.1% rise in the fourth quarter of 2012.” (Source: Reuters, 4/27/12)
  • In the week ending April 28, the number of people still receiving unemployment benefits fell to “the lowest level since July, 2008.” (Source: Reuters, 5/10/12)
  • Unemployment in April fell to 8.1% from over 9% just prior to our convention in November.

Translation?  Not perfect.  Not a booming economy.  But a growing and strengthening economy that yields positive growth and profit from those who are aggressive and targeted in marketing their customers! Don't sit on the sidelines and miss the recovery. The decisions made right now will determine the fate of your success over the next 10 years.