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King's Corner

4 Surefire ways to improve your business!

Servant1. Serve your customers!

Don't just give them a "product" with a nice margin and send them packing, but actually SERVE THEM. Know their questions, anxieties and needs and SERVE THEM. This means providing value up front, and in some cases without a return. It may even mean sending them elsewhere because you cannot serve them well enough based on what they really need. Don't chase the money, or treat people like numbers, SERVE people, build relationships and the fruit will come.

2. Add a new product or service!

This goes hand in hand with point #1. Don't just add any old product because you think it will make you more money, but actually talk to your customers and find out what they want then find a solution for them. You might even ask them "If we offered XYZ, would that be of interest to you?" Phrase is however you want, but just engage them, perhaps with a survey, and find out what they want...They will tell you!

3. Plan your work and work your plan.

Hmmmmm...Do I need to say more? Okay...could you imagine sailing without a rudder? How about going on a road trip without a map? Oops! a map? Now I am dating myself, ...I mean your smart phone w/ GPS and google maps? Along the same lines, part of your plan should be to track and measure your results. And that includes more than just sales and marketing activities Mr. CEO, that means customers, employees and vendor relationships. Do you have plan for those?

4. Apply the 80/20 rule

20% of your customers generate 80% of your profits. 20% of your customers also generate 80% of your problems. Thankfully these are not the same 20% in most cases. Certain customers will suck your time and even the very life out of you. They dont trust you, they complain, always want a better price, want it faster and no matter how hard you try they don't seem to ever be happy. Likely a personal issue that you have no control over. Know who these people are, pray for them, and part ways. Kindly let them know they will get the service they deserve elsewhere. It will clear up time and energy to reinvest in more of your best customers.