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Generate quality leads, get the phone to ring and sell more using direct mail letters!iStock 000007590435XSmall

Letters are a powerful and effective option when doing direct mail. Letters allow for more room and space to sell than a postcard and offer a more professional tone to the message. Letters provide you a cost effective format for communicating lots of information to your prospects. The interaction between the prospect and your letter works to build trust, build credibility, educate the prospect on the problem, your solution, present your offer, and then move the sale process along to the next step. All of that in short letter. Pretty powerful stuff!

Here are 10 tips to get the most from your direct mail letter campaign

  1. Use solid headlines
  2. Get to the point.
  3. Use conversation language
  4. Sell benefits, not features
  5. Include a call to action!
  6. Include testimonials
  7. Personalize it
  8. Use color
  9. Target your list
  10. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…No one-off mailings.

    P.S. Don't forget the P.S. it's the most read part of every letter!


Who Should Use Letters?

Letters are can work for most any company when done right but are an especially good fit for mortgage companies, home improvement and home service companies


What Options Will I have with My Letter Mailing?

When you work with Mail King you have many options for customizing your direct mail letters. Some of the options include:

  • Number of pages
  • Full color or black and white
  • Double sided or single sided printing
  • Print on outside of envelope (color or B/W)
  • Variable data printing (Mail Merge)
  • Window or no window envelopes
  • Snap pack or pressure seal mailers
  • Printed indicia or actual stamps
  • Handwriting fonts on the letter and or the envelope
  • Return envelopes
  • Extra inserts
  • ...and much more. Call to discuss your specific needs.

Greatly increase your response rate with these tips I mentioned and to make follow-up calls to the contacts you sent your letters to, especially if you are marketing to businesses. Properly used, direct mail can be one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies you'll ever find for your business. So what are you waiting for?


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