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8 Simple Steps to Direct Mail Success

Everything you need to know about writing headlines, creating offers, selecting a list, writing ad copy, colors, pictures, type and frequency.


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  • We've all heard an urban legend or two in our time. Usually they are creepy tales told during sleepovers or over a campfire, like Bloody Mary. Legend has it that if you close the lights, look into a mirror and say "Bloody Mary" three times, you will summon the ghost
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  • Study suggests that Twitter is delivering misleading analytics Twitter Data has never been more important to marketers, which is why it is always all the more alarming when it's suggested that a platform is delivering false analytics. Approximately 15% of Twitter accounts — some 48 million — are bots rather than people,
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  • From a high of 57% three years ago, hashtags were only in about one-third of ads. Hashtags were in 30 percent of Super Bowl 51 ads, down significantly from 45 percent last year. More ads used URLs than hashtags for the first time since Marketing Land has measured them, 39 percent
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